Warranted on: 10.12.1993 

Consecrated on: 22.12.1993


Lodge Trimurty No.294, Nagpur

July  – 2016 Activities


The Lodge celebrated the environment day by planting 25 trees around the Hostel of Hislop College. The saplings were planted by the Worshipful Master along with the vice-principal. Also R W Bro G L  Sahu OSM, R W Bro. S K Bhargava and other brethren planted the trees. The college management was extremely thankful to the brethren of the lodge for the keen interest shown in selecting and providing the plants. It has been decided to have a regular activity every year at the college, as number of the brethren are Alumni of the college.



Considering the serious concern for nature the Lodge donated 50 saplings to AKSC golf course which is maintained by The Maintenance command I A F on Amravati Road. Air Marshal Pankaj Aneja, VSM, Air officer in command, Maintenance Command planted the saplings along with the W.Bro. Prashant Padhye, W Master. W.Bro. Arun Chaturvedi, W Bro. Shirish Sagar, Bro. Satish Laddhad and Bro Mayuresh Katyayan also planted the samplings. The program was carried out under the able guidance of W Bro. Dr. Arun Chaturvedi, who also procured the required plants. 



The 12 th Late W Bro. Shriram Naidu Tracing Board Competition of our Lodge was held on 10th July 2016. W Bro. Shirish Sagar welcomed the brethren, W Bro Sumantra Dutta, Convener then welcomed the Chief Guest and the judges. The competition was inaugurated by V W Bro.Dr.Yagnesh Thakar, ARGM in-charge. In his inaugural address he stressed that such activities must be encouraged amongst new masons to primarily understand the Rituals in Masonry. He also praised the brethren for consistently carrying out such activities.

The panel of Judges comprised of W Bro. Gurunath Modak, W Bro. Dr S M Mandlekar and W Bro. Anil Bhagade. The panel of judges declared Bro. Vivek Sannidhi of Lodge Trimurty as the first winner, Bro.Rohit Jain, of Lodge Trimurty was declared second and Bro. P R A Naidu won the third prize.

All the 3 judges expressed their views very independently and felt such competitions make learning lively and easy. W.Bro Anil Bhagade gave a very elaborate explanation of the 3rd degree Tracing Board, which further added knowledge amongst freemasons forms a very important part of a speech, and one must stress on the vital points assuming the audience is novice of the subject. 

A number of distinguished brethren from various lodges witnessed the competition.

W Bro. Prashant Padhye W M proposed a vote of thanks. Bro Anil Shrivastava, Bro Mayuresh Katyayan & Bro Rahul Trivedi assisted in smooth conduction of the proceedings, and certificates were presented to all the participants.



M W Bro. H S Ranauta OSM the Grand Master, R W Bro. Adi Vakil the regional Grand Master of RGLWI along with the brethren of the lodge visited Adasa on 22/7/2016. The major charity projects executed were :

BATTERY REPLACEMENT – The Lodge has provided complete solar lighting in 2006 and is maintaining the same regularly. The batteries were due for replacement, and the entire maintenance work was carried out by the Lodge.

CHAIR DONATION. The Lodge runs the Late W Bro. S K Bharadwaj memorial Community kitchen and there was a request to provide 50 chairs. The Brethren of the lodge contributed and they were donated on the occasion. Special contribution was done by Bro. Shivraj Singh Bhosle, besides a number of other brethren also donated generously. 

DHANYA DAAN – Amongst the regular charity project the Lodge donated Rs.3000/ towards the cost of a meal for the inmates of the Ashram. The Regional Grand Master R W bro Adi Vakil also donated personally for 1 meal. Shri.H Kharade chairman of the society thanked the Masonic fraternity for their consistent support which has always been appreciated by the poor inmates, as the ashram is run on No Grant basis. 



Considering the need to provide need based education and assist the poor children to get proper training so that they can earn a lively hood, or get a employment, Bro. Mayuresh Katyayan and Bro Rahul Trivedi of PROMARC Foundation have selected Vimlashram run by Shri. Ram Ingole to set up a computer Lab. The computers, peripherals and printer costing approximately  Rs.64500/= were donated at the hands of the Grand Master M W Bro. H S Ranauta OSM and the regional Grand Master R W Bro. Adi Vakil.



Shri. R Ingole of the school had proposed that they are in need of text books for std 5 to 8 students (22 sets per class). The Worshipful Master appealed to the brethren of the lodge and instantly the complete amount of Rs.16000/ was collected.  These were handed over by Grand Master M W Bro. H S Ranauta OSM and the regional Grand Master R W Bro. Adi Vakil during the area meeting on 22/7/2016.



The 3rd issue of 2016 bimonthly in house magazine of our lodge “On The Square” was released by Grand Master M W Bro. H S Ranauta OSM and the Regional Grand Master R W Bro. Adi Vakil. The magazine now adorns a colourful and new look which has been appreciated by all.

It covers Lodge activities, RGLWI & GLI activities, Masonic education and Brief profile of the brethren at large.




To provide faster and easier means of communication regarding all the Masonic activities of the Lodge, region and Grand Lodge, a special Mobile App has been designed by the technical team of PROMARC under the able guidance of Bro. Mayuresh Katyayan and W Bro. Shirish Sagar. Complete information is now available on the tip of a finger. The Grand Master M W Bro. H S Ranauta OSM and the Regional Grand Master R W Bro. Adi Vakil, released the App and were very happy that the Lodge is moving towards the betterment.


August  – 2016 Activities

Considering the long tradition the brethren celebrated the Independence Day celebrations with the students of Navin Desai School, Pachgaon. The program began with lighting the traditional lamp, by R W Bro. S K Bhargava along with the brethren present. The students rendered and a number of patriotic songs and plays were performed. The lodge authorities were overwhelmed by the enthusiasm, despite having recovered recently from severe fever. The lodge donated Rs.5000/ towards the salary for a teacher. Besides this sweets were distributed to the children. The authorities have appreciated and thanked the brethren for their consistent support. 


September  – 2016 Activities


On September we had a family get-together wherein over 25 families were present. On the eve Mohit Tarun Mehra, MS.Vrinda Ranjith, Shreyas Vikas Madankar, Ninad Raju Ragit and Saket Ramkrishna Mishra who have excelled in their X/XII std exams were felicitated by the Worshipful master, by presenting them a token of appreciation. Later the families enjoyed the games and dinner.  



Due to the meticulous guidance, planning and execution of major on going projects of the lodge, during the Special Meeting of the RGLWI held at Raipur a number of brethren of our lodge were recognized for their valuable contribution to the cause. Bro. Mayuresh Katyayan, Bro Satish Laddhad & Bro Navin Jha received certificate of appreciation from the Regional Grand Master, while W.Bro. P Satish Kumar, W.Bro.Tarun Mehra and W.Bro. Prashant Padhye were awarded the Plaques. W Bro. Shirish Sagar was awarded the Award for best Secretaryship by the Regional Grand Master.



The Lodge donated adequate sports equipments to the Deaf and Dumb School Saoner at the hands of V W Bro. Yagnesh Thakar ARGM in-charge recently. The lodge also gifted sweaters and jackets to the needy students given by Centre Point school Dhaba branch.


On the occasion a health camp for the school children was held in association with IMA Saoner branch. All the students were examined by pediatricians, ophthalmologists, ENT specialists thoroughly. They were given essential medicines also.

Bro Vishal Gandhe donated biscuits to the students on behalf of Parle company.

The brethren enjoyed lunch with the students and doctors.

W.Bro.Shirish Sagar,



June – 2016



The Lodge has very actively participated in the joint UBD celebrations organized by Nagpur lodges. The joint charity project was undertaken where 4 sewing machines were presented to Vimlaashram School.   

The prizes for the Late W.Bro. Dr. R T Jadhav Memorial Brotherhood cricket Tournament held in March, were given away by Mrs. R Jadhav, to the winners, runners up and best players.

The Lodge also felicitated Bro. Mayuersh Katyayan and Bro. Rahul Trivedi for introducing sports activities to further bind the Nagpur Masonic fraternity which was a great success.



The lodge had organized an interaction with 2nd year Architecture students of Priyadarshni College of Engineering Nagpur on 30/6/16.  The subject was “Relevance of Architecture in Freemasonry”. The students visited the Freemasons hall to practically evaluate the same along with their lecturers.

They also had a glimpse of the temple where they were informed the importance and application of the various tools and orders of Architecture which are applied by freemasons in their daily life with the right perspective.   

W.Bro Shirish Sagar



April – 2016

Late W Bro. Maj C K Choudhary Memorial Paiyoo

The Lodge has been known to carry out consistent charity projects. On 3/4/2016 the Paiyoo was inaugurated at the hands of V W Bro. Yagnesh Thakar our ARGM in-charge & Mrs. Kritika Choudhary. V W Bro. Dr. Y Thakar has appreciated the consistent efforts of the brethren to take care of the need during the scorching summer season, despite scarcity of water.  The Paiyoo is located at a very crucial point and helps a number of citizens coming from distant towns. A number of brethren were prominently present. The Worshipful Master W. Bro. Prashant Padhye thanked all the brethren and W Bro. Ravi Chavan who was in-charge of the project for setting it up. 



The bimonthly magazine of the lodge “On The Square” was released at the hands of W Bro. Tarun Mehra in presence of the new Editor Bro. Mayuresh Katyayan. He has given a totally new look & dimension to the colourful magazine. There has been a lot of creativity brought in. It has a brief of Lodge projects, Information about the brethren, Masonic knowledge etc.  The Worshipful Mater appreciated the keen interest shown by Bro. Mayuresh Katyayan. This issue has been sponsored by Bro. Rahul Trivedi.


Our senior Brother V W Bro. Shashi Nair has generously donated Rs.1100/= for Benevolence Fund account of the lodge on his birthday. The Lodge disburses the interest incurred for poor student’s education regularly.


May – 2016 Activities


Tata Parsi Jr girls college is a very old and reputed institution imparting quality education to poor students. The Principal MS. S Mirza had sent an appeal to donate towards the tuition fees of poor girl students. The Lodge has been pleased to donate Rs.5500/ for 3 students. The cheque was handed over the principal in presence of the students

by W Bro. Prashant Padhye. A number of other brethren were also present on the occasion.