Warranted on: 10.12.1993 

Consecrated on: 22.12.1993

About Us

The membership of the then existing Freemason Lodge in Nagpur was nearing 100. It was therefore decided by the brethren that a new lodge should be consecrated in Nagpur. Accordingly,22 brethren from Nagpur submitted a petition for consecration of Lodge Trimurty. The warrant was granted by the M. W. the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of India, and Lodge Trimurty No. 294 was warranted on 10.12.93. and was consecrated on 22.12.93.

Why the name Trimurty ?

TRIMURTY as you all are aware represents Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh - the creator, the preserver and the destroyer in Hindu mythology. The figure three has always had a great - significance throughout the history of the world. In Christianity, the Holy Trinity is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. In Zorastrain faith there is the Divine Triad of good thoughts, which the entire Zorastrian religion is based upon. In a lodge the Master, the S.W. and the J.W., represent that magic figure, Three.

After initiation into Freemasonary, one was asked by the ruling Master to name three great principles on which the Order was founded, and the reply was "Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth". These three great principles represent the Divine Triad on which our Noble Order is founded.

What is Brotherly Love ?

Manifestly, it means that we place on another man the highest possible valuation as a friend, a companion, an asssociate, a neighbour. By the exercise of Brotherly Love, we are taught to regard the whole human species as one family "VASUDEVA KUTUMBAKAM". We do not ask whether we shall achieve any selfish gain from our relationship. Our relationship with a Brother has its own justification, its own reward. Brotherly Love is one of the supreme values without which life is lonely, unhappy, ugly. This is not a hope or a dream, but a fact. Freemasonry builds on that fact, provides opportunities for us to have such fellowship, encourages us to understand and to make it one of the laws of our existence. In our daily life, we demonstrate this noble virtue by rendering service to the Society without expecting any rewards. Selfless social service is dear to the Almighty and those who are deeply involved in it will definitely tell you that the satisfaction that one derives there from cannot be fully expressed in words.


Masonic Relief takes it for granted that any man, no matter how industrious and frugal he may be, through sudden misfortune or other conditions over which he has no control, may be in temporary need of a helping hand. To extend it is not what is generally described as charity but is some of the natural and inevitable acts of Brotherhood. Any conception of Brotherhood must include the willingness to give necessary aid. Therefore, RELIEF, masonically understood, is a Tenet.


By Truth, the last of Principal Tenets, is meant something more than the search for truth in the intellectual sense. Truth is a divine atttribute and the foundation of every virtue. To be good and true is the first lesson we are taught in Masonry. In any permanent brotherhood, members must be truthful in character and habits, dependable, men of honour, on whom we can rely. To be faithful fellows and loyal friends. Truth is a vital requirement if a brotherhood is to endure, and we, therefore, accept it as such.